Our Services

We work with brands to create premium podcasts that tell their unique story

As the pioneer in branded podcasts in Greece, we offer the full spectrum of high-quality podcasting services:

Our Clients
  • Big brands that want to tell their story and connect to their audiences
  • Industry leaders looking to amplify their voice
  • Start-ups and growing businesses aiming to establish their brands through the power of audio
  • Organizations and Foundations looking to communicate their vision and contribution to society

Our work reaches thousands of people and consistently appears at the top of the Apple Podcasts and Spotify charts.

Why podcasts?

People prefer to listen than read, and digital technology -faster mobile internet, smartphones, Bluetooth car kits, and smart speakers – is enabling them to do so at a greater pace.

Podcasts are a great way to reach an audience that is difficult to reach otherwise: younger people and ad avoiders

People listen to podcasts during activities in which they can’t consume other media, while walking, driving, and multitasking

Podcasts are on the rise. According to the latest Reuters Digital News Report (2021), 40% of online news users in Greece reported listening to podcasts.